12.12.2019: Countdown to Christmas – 13

What’s your favorite Christmas movie to watch? Mine is “White Christmas” and I always make sure to watch “The Muppet’s Christmas Carol” too (the painted ceramic in the picture is from A Christmas Carol)

Today’s tea is Creme Brulee loose leaf tea from Shab Row Tea Emporium. This black tea has caramel and vanilla flavors with safflower petals. I am not big on caramel, so I had to wait for a day I was in the mood for it. It’s a really good tea with a lovely mix of caramel and vanilla. I would suggest it to you if you like those flavors.

My coworker Katie let me try this tea. Last year we went to London together (her for work, me to tag along) and had a great adventure! The photo is from the Afternoon Tea double decker bus ride we took, which had surprisingly fresh bakery items and tea.

The hand painted Royal Grafton tea cup I’m drinking out of actually was a result of this trip. At one of the dinner events we attended, a gentleman found out how much we liked tea and tea cups/ saucers. He was down sizing his house and planning to get rid of some. Both me and Katie were mailed 2 sets each when we were back home.

But enough stories! Go enjoy one of your favorite Christmas movies on this 13th day from Christmas.

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