Detox Tea: Yea or Nay?

Recently my coworker cleaned out her tea cabinet and brought the overstock to work for us to try. Among the loot was a detox tea. And I thought, “it’s time to learn about detox tea”.

I began researching detox tea to see what it’s all about. The main purpose is to cleanse toxins from your body perhaps from eating like crap or a particularly overindulging night of alcohol. 😬 Many people also consider it a magical tea that can help loose weight (I’ve seen 28 day detox tea challenges). So let’s dig in…

First, there’s not enough research that has been done saying whether detox tea is safe for your body. Second, if you hope to loose weight with a detox tea, almost all of them suggest you go on a diet and exercise too (signs that you cannot loose weight solely by drinking tea… Shucks!)

If you plan to go on a detox tea diet, I would highly recommend doing research on which tea you choose since some carry harmful chemicals that could lead to serious medical side effects (probably in rare cases, but the point is it could happen). It may be best to go organic with flavors you’ve tried before that haven’t bothered you.

From what I’ve read, weight loss occurs from diet, exercise, and water loss. Detox teas cause you to run to the bathroom for #1 and 2 more often due to caffeine, laxatives and other ingredients in the tea. It seems like true fatty weight loss doesn’t happen while only drinking detox tea to loose weight; only water weight.

There is much more information out there on the internet about detox teas with both positive and negative reviews. If you are considering drinking detox tea please research it first. As for me, I’ll find other ways for weight loss and releasing toxins. For now, I’m enjoying my in-laws delicious biscotti with Trader Joe’s Organic Ginger Pear flavored white tea (also brought in by a co-worker 😉).

Have a great day everyone!

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