Tea to Calm Disputes

Recently I finished watching Season 4 of Outlander. In the last couple of episodes a maid and slave were arguing and the lady of the house (Jocasta) sits them down to try their very first cup of tea. They said it taste bitter and Jocasta said it tasted bitter because they were on bad terms with each other. Claiming that when they forgive one another the tea will taste sweet. So they apologized, Jocasta had them shut their eyes and when they weren’t looking the butler put sugar in both cups. Needless to say when they tasted the tea again it was sweeter and they were tricked into thinking it was because they made amends.

Image result for Jocasta, slave and maid in Outlander
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Of course that lead me to think “Could tea help solve issues or disputes between friends?” Heck yeah!

Okay, tea is not magical (unfortunately). If you have problems with someone, drinking tea quietly together will not fix everything. But talking and working out the issues while drinking tea with ingredients known for helping ease anxiety could make the conversation run a little smoother.

The best tea ingredients to help reduce anxiety are:




Green tea

Lemon Balm

Passion flower


Of course there are many more ingredients that are known for their soothing effects. Those are only a few of the top choices. So if your argument looks like this…

…you may want to step back, get some tea to help the anxiety, and try to work through your problems together.

Good Luck!

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