Happy Fat Tuesday!

Hey everyone!! Happy Fat Tuesday (and happy birthday to my Mommy!) Today is the last day of the Marti Gras celebrations and beginning of the Lent season. I’m not really familiar with all of these celebrations, but I recently went to New Orleans and have family who observe Lent so wanted to give a shout out.

One of the staples of Fat Tuesday is the King Cake. This cake has been around for about 300 years. It has evolved into a baby being baked into the cake. Whoever gets the piece with the baby gets good luck/fortune and has to host the next Marti Gras party.

But let’s focus more on this tea. Tevanna’s Oprah Cinnamon Chai. This tea is fantastic! I love a cinnamon flavored chai and this blend does a beautiful job. I will definitely be buying more of this tea.

Have a wonderful last day of Marti Gras. Treat yourself to something delicious! Also, enjoy your Lent season. May the goal of holding back from something you love ever be in your favor 🙂

1 thought on “Happy Fat Tuesday!

  1. Hi, I appreciate your gentle way with words. Thanks. Jim



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