Security Guard Concoction

Every day at work I see one of the security guards have an elaborate mason jar full of tea. I usually see about 2-4 tea bags hanging out in there and some fresh fruit or ginger added to the mix. This fascinated me, since I had only seen my father-in-law do something similar for Sun Tea. It also seemed like a lot of dedication to enjoy an involved concoction of tea every day at work. I finally gained the courage to ask him what he puts in there.

He said he uses two types of tea: Republic of Tea’s Detox Green Tea and Peppermint Tea

He also enjoys adding a squeezed lemon or lime and occasionally adds fresh ginger.

Other than mixing my own dried ingredients to make a tea, I haven’t thought of creating a tea quite like this before. I doubt making an Arnold Palmer (half black tea and half lemonade) counts as a good mixture. But it got me wondering, what are your favorite fresh ingredients to add to your tea?

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