Storing Tea

Happy rainy Coronavirus quarintine day! 😊 If you’re anything like me you have more tea than than you can drink (sometimes before the expiration date). How can you keep your tea fresh for longer?

Here’s some helpful tips for storing your tea:

1.) Store away from sunlight. A dark area is best.

2.) Keep away from heat and humidity.

3.) Store in airtight containers. If you leave it in the loose leaf bag, make sure no air can get in (ziplock bag will work).

4.) Keep far away from anything with a strong oder. Also be aware that some containers such as wood does have an oder.

5.) Separate delicate teas from strong scented ones.

Finally, Green tea is freshest within 6 months, black tea within a year.

Have fun rearranging your tea cabinets! πŸ˜‰

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