Gifting Tea- COVID-19 Edition

Let’s face it, we’ve stayed at home for about a month. I’ve been lucky enough to have my 5 month old son to help pass the time, I’m teleworking full time, and really these two things are almost taking all my energy. But I’ve been baking, trying new recipes and pondering “With the energy I have left, how can I make someone smile?”

I’ve tried to share the edible desserts with neighbors and family. I walk everyday with my son and every Sunday with my parents in law. My son and I call his grandparents daily. I post photos and videos of my son on social media each day because I know loved ones miss seeing him grow. For Easter I went Live on social media, horribly playing the piano and singing traditional Easter songs just so we could sing together on most of our first Easter ever missing service.

I also decided to try and boost the spirits of a few coworkers by surprising them with a “Fandom” tea blend sample from Adagio. They wouldn’t know it, but I spent hours searching the website trying to choose a tea with flavors I think they’d like with a theme they enjoy. I had so much fun doing it! For example, a co-worker I watched the last episode of Game of Thrones with got a Jon Snow Earl Grey tea with the flavors listed below.

No, nothing is normal right now. Some people are able to handle this Stay at Home adventure better than others. The trick that has worked for me is asking myself, “How can I make someone smile?” Because figuring out how I can bring others’ joy lifts my spirit more than figuring out how to make myself happy.

Wishing ya’ll the best from the bottom of my heart ❤️

2 thoughts on “Gifting Tea- COVID-19 Edition

  1. Erica, Thanks for your cheerful and positive posts on your blog and Facebook! Being home with Grady is a blessing you would not have had before the Pandemic. I look forward to the daily Facebook photos and your blogs! Take care. Love, Gloria

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  2. Such a friendly and engaging tone. Thanks,Erica. Making us smile is surely easy when Grady’s picture appears.
    Keep up the happy work.
    Love you “guys” 😋😀😋😜.
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