Lemon Meringue Green: Adagio Tea

Hey fellow “Stay at Home” pals! With my variety pack from Adagio Tea, I happened to get the same tea one of my friend’s just got. She said, “Hey let’s try them together at the same time!” So we set up a video call.

The instructions said to only steep it for 2-3 minutes, which my friend did but I did not (the little guy required my attention). In the end I steeped the tea for 10-15 minutes. I was actually glad we did this. Mine tasted great! Not too much lemon, the bitter earthy green tea taste did not exist and it was a treat to drink this smooth slightly creamy lemon tea. My friend’s 2-3 minute steep was very light in flavor. She ended up steeping it for longer after I told her how mine tasted and said it tasted a lot better.

In the end this was a very fun, educational (you know, in the tea drinking sense) and good way to test tea while being quarantined.

Happy Tea-ventures!!

1 thought on “Lemon Meringue Green: Adagio Tea

  1. Sounds like a delicious spring time blend! I bet its really nice iced as well

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