A Quari-TEA-ne Poem

Historically many poems we’re written about tea. Let’s be serious, it was a slower paced society so people had more time on their hands. Well guess what, I’ve got more time on my hands. I’ve decided to put a satirical spin on a tea poem.

A Quari-TEA-ne Poem

It's a rainy spring morning.
Another day inside, it's boring.
But what's this I see?
A new tasting tea.

Pull out the cup and saucer,
And a book from a good author.
Turn on the candle.
Add some spirits from a handle.

Husband makes bad jokes.
Let's give spirits an extra poke.
Oh wait! This is about tea!
Yes yes it's quite yummy.

Republic of Tea's
Hibiscus and blueberry
Is making me rhyme
Because it's sublime.

Oh how happy I be
In this Quari-TEA-ne.
Don't want to be a bore;
Here signs off Erica Moore.

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