Private Tea Blending Companies

Hey Everyone!! I haven’t written much this month since I was on vacation and my son has started crawling. So I’m definitely staying busy over here!

Many of us know those big name companies such as Bigelow, Celestial Seasonings, Lipton, Republic of Tea, etc. But there’s a large selection of private tea companies out there. Now these may be people who blend tea as a hobby and sell them on Facebook auctions or small business owners who have a store.

The company I’m highlighting today is Grimoire. This company describes themselves as “We are a husband and wife team who turned their love of loose leaf tea and fandoms into delectable tea blends with a perfectly nerdy twist”. I was introduced to them through a Facebook auction site called Handmade Haven. This group has a variety of vendors who sell handmade products a few times a month based on the theme of the auction. For example they’ve had Disney, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Fandom Villains and more as auction themes. Grimoire tea has the flexibility to name their tea blends and change the photo on the tea container based on the theme. The tea I received has whitty sayings based on the flavor (i.e. “You’re the Zest”). Grimoire’s tea is so popular on the Handmade Haven auction that it’s sold out within minutes of opening. Once I tried it, I found out why. They are yummy and unique!

What’s my point? Don’t be afraid to try something new. Give those small tea blenders and companies a chance. They could hold your new favorite tea.

Happy Tea-ventures!

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