Blossoming Tea

Yep you read that right, “Blossoming Tea”. This tea comes in the form of a ball and when you put it in hot water it will bloom in all its beautiful glory.

Okay yes, it did come in the mail today with the Downton Abbey movie. But look how beautiful that blossom is in its glass pitcher. A real show stopper for your tea party.

Out of the 12 flavors I received, I decided to try Jasmine Lovers green tea from Tea Bloom.

I brought the water to just a boil, put the ball in, added the water… And nothing. Well the directions did forget to mention there’s a string tying the ball in place. Okay. Cut that off. Here we go. It’s going to bloom! It’s going to be awesome!

Well folks it did open up… After 7 minutes.

It’s a floating green thing with a pink flower on top.

Maybe not the center piece of the tea party. But it is tasty. A nice delicious green jasmine tea.

So my questions are; did I do something wrong? Should I have used a smaller pitcher or glass? Why is it floating? Did the company put weights on theirs to get it to sit on the bottom of the glass pot for their photo? Would it have turned out better if I took off the string before putting it in water? Why did tea leaves fall off? Isn’t this supposed to stay together? Do all these questions even matter if it tasted good?

Bottom line, if you see “commercials” about blossoming tea, it’s a gimmick. Tea tastes good, but the presentation isn’t exactly how they lead you to believe.

Happy tea-ventures everyone!

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