Yellow Tea: Cameilla Sinensis

In March 2020, I wrote a four part series on types of teas made from the Cameilla Sinensis plant. Surprise! That plant also creates another tea called yellow tea.

Yellow tea’s production is difficult, time-intensive, and rare. For this reason, it is tricky to find true yellow tea (some companies try to pass green tea as yellow tea).

Yellow tea is processed similar to green tea by being lightly oxidized. However, it has an added step of encasing and steaming before the tea is fully heated. It is also dried more slowly which causes the leaves to take on a yellow color and is usually a golden yellow when brewed.

To steep yellow tea, use one tablespoon per 6 oz. of water for 1-3 minutes at about 170-180 degrees Fahrenheit. Bonus! It can be re-steeped multiple times.

For the yellow tea I bought, at first I brewed it too long which created a bitter flavor. It tasted a lot better when only steeped for one minute. The taste of yellow tea is mild and not grassy like green tea. It’s flavor is between white and green teas.

While the health benefits of yellow tea have not been extensively studied, it is believed to have similar benefits to green tea such as preventing cancer and lowering cholesterol, it may also be effective in preventing liver damage.

Yellow tea has a great flavor and is healthy, but good luck finding a true yellow tea often. If you do get your hands on it, save it for special occasions.

Happy Tea-ventures šŸ˜Š

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