Jasmine Pearl Green Tea

A tea company was recently recommended to me called Magic Hour. I haven’t dove deeply into what this tea company offers, since it seems to have a spiritual aspect to it, but I did purchase two teas from them; Gypsy Rose black tea and Jasmine Pearls green tea.

I tasted the Jasmine Pearls first and was very impressed with the flavor and quality of tea. Ever wonder how pearl tea is created? I can’t speak to exactly how Magic Hour produces their teas, but want to share how jasmine pearls are usually processed.

After picking the tea leaves, the same process is carried out as normal green tea. The buds are withered in direct sun or over low heat to prevent oxidation and preserve freshness. After this, the tea leaves are twisted and rolled to bring the shape into that of a ‘pearl’.

There are different ways to get the jasmine flavor and aroma. One way is to heat infuse the jasmine flowers several times to achieve the desired strength of aroma. Or to mix the jasmine flowers with the dried tea leaves for several days to capture the jasmine aroma. In either process, the jasmine flowers are removed from the tea leaves and only their aroma is kept to create jasmine green tea.

As you can tell in the image, the pearls unfurl to create a delicious jasmine flavored tea.

Happy Tea-ventures everyone!

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