Butterflies & Wishes Tea & Sweets: Chesapeake Beach, MD

Today I went to Butterflies & Wishes Tea & Sweets to pick up my photo contest prize and enjoy tea with my family 😊

Butterflies & Wishes Tea & Sweets does require reservations in advance. With an infant, my biggest question was if he is allowed to join us, which he was. With CDC guidelines in place, the tea room temporarily has outdoor dining, which we requested. We needed to provide the date and time, how many people are coming, which type of tea service we want, and if there are any allergies or food restrictions (It’s a $2 charge to accommodate any special dietary requests).

Our son explored under the table, so I was kind of glad we had an outdoor option!

We enjoyed Susan’s Light Afternoon Tea which had mini scones, tea sandwiches, assorted sweets, and a bottomless pot of tea. I thought it was nice of the owner to offer making us a new pot of tea if we didn’t enjoy our choices. But we both enjoyed our mixed berries and Hibiscus herbal tea, and Chesapeake Sky black tea. However, I was disappointed there was not clotted creme and jelly for the scones. She provided butter though, and everything tasted good.

There’s a peach cobbler in there…ohmhygeeerd, yum

It was a lovely day to enjoy tea outdoors and we were so thankful to have the opportunity to go. Another customer complained that there was orange caution fence around the outside tea tables (for safety). Really people? I’m just thankful we could safely sit outside, with a beautiful breeze and enjoy tea time during this pandemic.

Happy Tea-ventures ❤️

1 thought on “Butterflies & Wishes Tea & Sweets: Chesapeake Beach, MD

  1. Sooo adorable! I would have to agree though, I’d be looking for the clotted cream too! 🤤

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