Two am House Thoughts

It’s two am and I’ve been awake for a half hour. Very excited because we got word yesterday our offer on a house was accepted! Yay! We have somewhere to live!

But tomorrow we have to make the life changing decision for someone else to move into our house. I’ve never realized the big decision ahead of us!

We put 3 offers onto houses over the past 2-3 weeks. With each house we started making plans of how we would set up our furniture, what we could do with the land, figure out which school our son would go to, calculate the distance to work and family, etc. With our first two declined offers, those plans were shattered. Now we have to make one person’s dreams come true, and upset a handful of other people. Not that our house is a dream home, but for some people coming from apartments or smaller living situations, it’s a huge step up for them.

How do you not lose sleep over that!? (Insert snoring video of husband here)

Okay, maybe I’m the only one losing sleep, but on top of choosing the right people to buy our house, it’s also the point of choosing the right people for our neighbors. We’ve had great neighbors the last 5 years and I hope we choose someone that will continue to keep this area of the neighborhood quiet and safe.

(Insert video of neighbor ballet dancing in the street during a lightening storm)

Yes, there’s been some weird moments, but this area hasn’t been bad to us.

Anywho, no photos, no videos, no tea. Just thoughts of a gal having issues sleeping.

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3 thoughts on “Two am House Thoughts

  1. Bless you. You are so thought full. Now, get some rest.
    Jim😁[Animated GIF]

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  2. Congratulation on the new house I can’t wait to visit in the safe future.

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  3. Wonderful news.

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