Thanksgiving Farm Vineyards & Winery: Harwood, MD

Well folks, today I stepped back from tea and went to a winery with a friend. I can’t completely keep tea out of it! Since both of us have been buying new teas to try during this pandemic, we swapped some!

These are the teas I gave her to try

I can’t wait to try all the fun ones she’s given to me!

My husband and I had to pull out of a contract for a house because the house inspection failed (tens of thousands of dollars worth of repairs needed). So it was the perfect day to get away and catch up with a good friend. Thanksgiving Farm Winery had outdoor seating we could reserve. We had to do a $40 hold on a credit card, which is put directly towards the wine you purchase.

We had a beautiful and relaxing view during our 2 hour reservation. At our porch coffee table they brought the taste test for 6 wines directly to us. I really enjoyed this, since we could slowly drink the wine we were tasting while talking. I hope it’s a feature they keep around after the pandemic.

We shared a bottle of wine and continued catching up. It was wonderful 😊 Here’s raising a glass to good friends and getting away from reality for a couple hours.

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