Gateau Bakery, Cafe & Tea Room: Warrenton, VA

My bestie and I got together for a much needed high tea. We left the babies with the men and went wild! Well, maybe classy is more like it. But! We made time for ourselves!

We decided to go to Gateau Bakery Cafe & Tea Room, since it had an outdoor dining option… Which didn’t work out because it was sprinkling outside. But that’s ok because this is how busy it was…

With a quick phone call during business hours, I reserved our table, told them our tea menu selection and dietary restrictions, and gave my credit card number (not charged) to hold our table.

My friend got the “Royal Tea” ($38) which includes a pot of tea, scone, 3-4 tea sandwiches and 5 assorted desserts. I decided to get “Simply Sweet Tea” ($24). This included a pot of tea, scone and 3 assorted desserts.

For tea I had the Gateau exclusive Champagne and Pearl’s tea. This is white tea, with champagne, raspberries, pink lavender, and roses. It was really good, but may be better to drink in the spring. My friend picked the tea better suited for Fall. It was a gingerbread tea with a nice ginger and spice blended flavor.

The sandwiches were good, better than your average tea room, I was told. I was also told the apricot jelly was delicious and clearly home made. The food I could eat was good and seems they are made fresh each day.

Overall, I had a wonderful break from moving; noticeable through my overly cheesy grin.

Happy Tea-ventures!

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