Before I start. I will say that I have been known to hoard. Before I was married and got my own house I would accept all the hand me downs. I didn’t have money to furnish my future house (still don’t), so I would hold on to anything family was getting rid of. I didn’t know what I would need, so I kept it!

Corner shelves anyone?

Well now I’ve lived in my house over 5 years and have a good idea of what I haven’t used and what doesn’t mean anything to me anymore.

Friends from elementary school that I haven’t talked to in 20 years…I don’t need that terrible friendship drawing they gave me. The 4th chips and dip bowl I never used…. Yeah I can get rid of that. That Christmas present I got 3 years ago that isn’t useful in any way… It’s gone.

Need a chips and dip set?

However, I will keep anything with a sentimental value and family heirlooms.

Time to try and make my future home less junky. But let’s be serious… I’ll need to purge again when we move in.

To add on to this wonderful feeling of purging, I’ve knocked my Facebook friends from 405 to 190. If you’re not family and I don’t actively communicate with you… Bye bye. (Sigh of relief). Now I can drink a cup of tea with a little weight off my shoulders.

Just kidding… Gotta keep packing!!

2 thoughts on “Purging

  1. Nice! I need to purge as well! I’m dreading the task…sigh……😩

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can do it! It feels great when you finish!


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