Did You Know: English Breakfast USA vs. UK

Happy New Year everyone! I really hope you enjoyed 2020’s countdown to Christmas! It was so fun to put together!

With the new year, I’ve decided to have a new blog subject called “Did You Know”. It won’t be every post, but it will happen as I learn fun facts about tea that I never knew before. I have posted blogs in the past with information I’ve learned, but not with a similar title. So this should make it easier to search fun facts in my blog posts. Anywho, I love learning and researching information on tea, so if you have a question for me to look into let me know 😉

Have you ever bought a similar named tea in a different country and wondered why it tastes so different? In this case, buying English Breakfast tea in the USA tastes surprisingly different than buying it in the UK. When I came back from England, I was not surprised when their English Breakfast tea tasted better than the USA’s, since I decided it’s obviously more fresh. But that’s not completely the case.

The USA’s English Breakfast tea was first created in the 1830’s by an English immigrate in New York who incorrectly blended what he thought England’s tea tastes like. The main difference is where the USA and UK get their tea from. The USA used tea grown in China and England used tea grown in Africa and India. Ever since, the difference in the taste of USA vs. UK English Breakfast has stayed the same.

So when you’re traveling, keep in mind that the tea may be called the same as your favorite tea, but may taste completely different. Maybe even better.

Happy Tea-ventures Everyone!

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