Beans in the Belfry; Brunswick, MD

The other week some friends and I went camping near Harpers Ferry, WV. Always a beautiful place to visit! One of them noticed a historic church that has been turned into a Cafe. Of course we had to go!

Beans in the Belfry was a fun new experience for us. They had different types of comfy seating, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Service was a bit slow, but all the food and drinks were delicious.

Within the group we got chai lattes, coffee, espressos, and hot apple cider. Desserts were tiramisu, coffee cheesecake, chocolate lava cake, and so much more. No one walked out with a bad experience. However, I did order chai and usually I think of chai being more spicy instead of fruity, but that’s ok.

I did buy a pack of Dominion Tea’s Marsala Chai upon leaving and have recently enjoyed it at home (haha, recent… more like “as I’m writing this”). It is spicer than what they served in store. But a tip for those people mixing and selling tea; please list the ingredients on your package. With allergies, it’s very difficult choosing which tea to drink when you’re not sure of the ingredients.

As always, Happy Tea-ventures 😊

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