Cherish Moments with Family

This weekend was supposed to be a time for my husband and I to really crack down on chores and knock out a lot of unpacking boxes from our move. But, something big came up at work and he’s worked almost the entire weekend.

It’s been rough but we made sure to spend time with other family and it really has been moments to cherish.

Me and my son have enjoyed time on the farm.

Pickled bread and butter pickles with my Mom.

Attempted a fresh peach bar dessert at my mom’s…. she failed to mention her oven cooks faster, so it was in there a little too long. Dried out a bit. Oh well.

And we learned how to make pesto with my mother in law.

I cannot tell you how important family is to me. Learning cooking tricks and spending time with the ones we love are some of my favorite moments. And I can’t stress enough to you to take time out to learn these things and spend time with your loved ones now. Because in 5, 10, 20, etc. years they may not be there to share these cherished moments with any more.

With all my heart, I hope you are spending wonderful moments with family and friends.

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