Momma’s Gone “Wild” Part 1: Bear Chase Brewery

For months I’ve had this weekend planned to go away with my best friend. It just happens to hit after my son got Roseola, followed by me getting an injury. But I was determined to get away!

We started our awesome getaway at Bear Chase Brewery in Bluemont, VA. My friend has wanted to go for a while, but said it’s always busy.

We got there right when it opened and there were already men directing cars where to park.

We went straight in and got seats that overlooked this beautiful view.

We both decided to get ciders so I can’t comment on their beer, but the Virginia Apple Cider was amazing!

The view was breath taking, the atmosphere was great, we had a wonderful time catching up and an hour into us being there it really picked up. We stood up, within one step someone else already took our seats, and we were on our way. Thankfully the thunderstorm held off until we got in to the car.

They had a great beer/cider selection, food, food trucks and a wood carver on site. I’m sure there was more I missed but this was the perfect start to our quick getaway.

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