Wild Tea Qi’s Tea Variety

If you remember a while back, I completed the International Tea Academy’s Online Tea Courses. At the same time, I purchased tea from Wild Tea Qi. These teas are produced from 400-700 year old wild Cameilla Senensis trees in the Yunnan province of China.

First up is the White tea. Oh so fresh and delicious with a fruity flavor and floral aroma. This tea is helpful for your liver and gallbladder for health, and calmness and happiness for your emotions.

Next is the green tea. A little more bitter but still fresh, this has a toasty and nutty flavor with a robust aroma. Green tea is helpful for your heart and small intestine, and helps you focus.

The black tea is surprisingly sweet and takes on a light chocolate flavor. It’s good for your stomach and spleen, and helps you be more happy and playful.

Finally, I move to the fermented puer tea. Less sweet than the black tea, this tea takes on more of a woodsy flavor. It’s healthy for your lungs and large intestine, and is particularly helpful in reducing clogging in arteries. It also helps you focus as well.

All of these teas are more fresh than I’ve ever tasted. They really are a treat. If you look at the photo below, you will see the leaves are complete and not crushed. This shows it’s a higher quality tea.

Did you see all the beautiful colors of the tea above too?


Basically I’m glad I bought these and had a great Tea-venture.

2 thoughts on “Wild Tea Qi’s Tea Variety

  1. Erica, Your posts are delightful. Keep enjoying and sharing your Tea Ventures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’m hoping you have a great Tea-venture next week 😉


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