Mixed and Infused Sugars with Tea

This morning my mother-in-law asked me if I would choose some good quality tea for a family member. Would I?! Absolutely! Challenge accepted! Impromptu visit to a tea store! Wahoo!

But let me back track. When we were at the beach the other week, my mom brought Blackberry Sugar. I never ķnew flavored sugar was a thing and I don’t typically like to add sugar to my tea, but who am I to turn down trying something new with tea?! I made green tea and added a spoonful of blackberry sugar from True Treats. Yummy! I actually really enjoyed the fruity sweetness with the green tea.

Back to today: my search at Shara Tea lead me to 2 teas for the family member, 2 for myself and this fun heart shaped green tea. Because why the heck not 😀

The heart shaped green tea is super strong, so I added a spoonful of Lavender Lemon Infused Sugar from Happy Turtle Tea. In fact, the green tea was so strong I added 2 more spoonfuls. Success! It all tasted good blended together. I can’t say I taste too much of the lavender or lemon, but the sugar is there and it helped.

Add a scone and you’ve got perfection ❤

So if you need some flavored sugar for your teas it does exist! Here’s to wishing you a very fun tea-venture.


P.S. My husband doesn’t know this spontaneous adventure happened today. He’s gonna love reading this! Just remember hunny…. it was all for your mom 😉

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