Guinness and Mint Tea: 23 Days to Christmas 2021

Happy December 2 and 23 days until Christmas! I have the fun task of trying to convince you that tea and alcohol can go together over 25 days. Today’s mixture is Guinness Draught Stout and Bentley’s Mint Tea.

I know what you’re thinking, but Yes! These two do go together! I personally am not a fan of very dark beers. So I was mixing Dr.Pepper with Guinness (also delicious). I saw on the Guinness website that they suggested a mint liquor cocktail. So why not try mint tea?

I warmed up some mint tea, filled a third of the tea cup with it and the rest with cold Guinness. Presto! It made for a surprisingly well balanced Guinness Mint Tea.


I’m probably going to end each Countdown to Christmas blog with a photo of my son, since I’m slowly writing them and think it’s going to be fun to look back at him growing. This is Quarantine Easter at 5 months old 🥰

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