Miller High Life with Lemon Tea: 22 Days to Christmas 2021

Yay! 22 days until Christmas!! “Alcoholic tea” as a theme feels like a celebration every day! In fact, Miller High Life claims to be “The Champagne of Beers”. Today I am celebrating the completion of baking and blogging all of 2020’s Countdown to Christmas! That was a very challenging but fun countdown. “Desserts to go with tea” was so involved that I felt I deserved to kick back and relax with this “cock-tea-l”.

In my Bluebell Staffordshire tea set, I mixed 2 oz of chilled I Love Lemon Bigelow tea with 4 oz of Miller High Life beer. I’ve gotta tell you, this came out great! Even my husband liked it. So if you feel like celebrating a little differently, this is a great choice!


And for fun, when I wrote this my son was 6 months old and had just gone to the beach for his first time 💕

2 thoughts on “Miller High Life with Lemon Tea: 22 Days to Christmas 2021

  1. I’m enjoying your blog posts! I’ve never heard of mixing tea and alcohol except in old books. I can’t wait to try! Love the pictures of your son too that was such a great idea! He’s absolutely perfect.

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    1. Yay! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them! I had so much fun putting them together 😊 there’s over 20 more different tea and alcohol mixtures coming up!


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