Spiced Pear-tea-ini: 20 Days to Christmas 2021

Happy Sunday! After today, only 2 more Sundays until Christmas!

Today’s experiment was a bit involved. I made a cold brew of the Pear White tea from Revolution Tea. Meaning I placed 2 tea bags in a half gallon pitcher of cold water into the refrigerator for 7 hours. Then I warmed up 10 ounces of tea to infuse spices for 5 minutes.

The photo above shows cardamom, cinnamon, a clove, and star anise that I broke up with Pestar (my mortar and pestle).

Once those were infused, I added 1.75 ounces of gin (New Amsterdam). I will admit that it may have been a tad strong. One ounce of gin may be just fine.

The trick to this fine spiced pear-tea-ini is to stir it before each sip to ensure the gin is equally distributed before drinking.


This photo is my son patiently waiting for Mommy to finish making him baby food at 8 months old.

1 thought on “Spiced Pear-tea-ini: 20 Days to Christmas 2021

  1. This sounds fun! I’ve never had gin, but I am fascinated with all the herbal gin infusions I’ve read about. I just don’t get around to drinking very often! I need to run to our amazing liquor store in shepherds town to pick up a couple things to make some of your drinks, I highly recommend visiting Shepherdstown Liquors if you are in the area they are a more sophisticated store and they have a vast selection and a great atmosphere.

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