English Vod-fast: 19 Days to Christmas 2021

Good morning everyone and happy 19 days until Christmas! Today’s alcoholic tea will get you jumping into your work week using English Breakfast tea, bought at the Imperial War Museum in London, and Pinnacle vodka.

I made one cup of 8 oz English Breakfast tea using 1 oz of Vodka and the other with 0.5 oz. Both were good, so it depends on how strong you’d like your drink. I also added (measurements for the drink with 1oz vodka) 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice and 1/8 teaspoon honey. This turned out to taste very good warmed, but can also be drank cold with a sprig of thyme.


Beach family photo at 9 months old! Such a great trip! Our son really was an explorer on his third trip to the beach 😊

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