Hazelnut Peppermint Tea: 13 Days to Christmas 2021

Howdy Everyone! Can you believe Christmas is next week?! Wowza!

Today’s successful experiment is an odd combination. In a 6-8 oz tea cup I steeped 1 tsp of Smoky Souchong Assam black tea and 1/8 tsp dried peppermint leaves for 5 minutes. Then added 0.5 oz Frangelico liqueur. I first tried this with some hot cocoa powder. It was fine, but I liked it better without chocolate.

Salute! Here’s to trying interesting new flavors 😉

My son continues loving his kitty at 13 months old.

P.S. An allergic reaction came out of this experiment. Bye bye hazelnut 🤷‍♀️

4 thoughts on “Hazelnut Peppermint Tea: 13 Days to Christmas 2021

  1. Hazelnut peppermint what an interesting combo I don’t think I’ve ever had the two together before

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    1. The Frangelico liqueur is mainly a hazelnut flavor with hints of vanilla and white chocolate. The peppermint gives a fresh after taste. It is an odd combination, but it really wasn’t bad!

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      1. sounds like a Delicious combo to be honest! i’m a sucker for anything with notes of white chocolate and hazelnut so i would probably love it

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      2. If you try it, go light on the peppermint! You don’t want that flavor too overwhelming.

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