Triple Orange Tea: 14 Days to Christmas 2021

Happy Saturday! We’ve got 14 wonderful days until Christmas. Yeeeehaw! Today’s alcoholic tea is for those orange lovers out there!

Today’s blog post is funded in part by my fantastic parents in law. They provided 0.5 oz of Triple Sec to add to my 7-8 oz of Constant Comment Bigelow tea (black tea, orange rinds, and sweet spice). Being a spice lover, I’ve added a little extra cinnamon to balance the flavor and an orange slice on top. Because, why not?

My mother in law also shared some biscotti with me. Dipping it in the tea is an added layer of scrumptious. Mm mmm.


This adorable photo is of my 13 month old and his kitty on the second day of his adoption.

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