Bailey’s Paris Tea: 4 Days to Christmas

Only 4 more days y’all! Yippee!

Today’s alcoholic tea is a real treat! It is super easy to make and absolutely delicious. All that needs to happen is boil water and steep a spoon of Harney and Sons Paris tea for a couple minutes. In my tea cup I had 6 oz of tea and 1 oz Bailey’s Irish Creme. Tada! That’s it! The black and oolong tea’s flavors of vanilla, black currant, bergamot and caramel matches great with Bailey’s flavors of dairy cream, chocolate and vanilla. So good my husband even applauded it.

And let’s talk about these scones! Cherry and chocolate chip! You don’t hear that combination everyday! I used my any flavor scones recipe from last year’s Countdown to Christmas and it turned out great!

Even my 21 month old loved the scones!


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