Pumpkin Cider Black Tea: 3 Days to Christmas

Okay y’all. Just hear me out…. Woodchuck’s Pumpkin hard Cider with Wegmans Just Tea: Cinnamon Spice Black tea.

Happy 3 days until Christmas! We’re almost there!!

We all know Pumpkin has become THE flavor of the fall season. So I decided to try something with pumpkin. I went to the liquor store to search for my Christmas day alcohol for tea when I came across the huge display of pumpkin…. well everything. I haven’t mixed anything with hard cider yet, so I went for Woodchuck’s Pumpkin hard cider. I found out I don’t particularly like it’s flavor, so I went with a strong cinnamon flavored black tea bought at Wegmans.

6 oz hot water

1 Wegmans Cinnamon Spice black tea bag

2 oz Woodchuck’s Pumpkin Hard cider

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon sugar or brown sugar

The cinnamon sugar/ brown sugar really helped balance the flavor of this alcoholic tea and made it a good warm fall drink to have.


Loving Beach life at 22 months old!

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