Did you know: Teapot Drip Catcher

At my most recent Afternoon Tea adventure, we went to Miss Minerva’s Tea Room & Gifts. I saw the teapot hook up in the below photo.

I had an idea of what this was, but I asked our host exactly what she uses it for.

I, of course, snuck a photo as she was explaining.

The teapot rig you see in the first photo is a teapot drip catcher. Underneath the spout is a piece of foam that catches all the tea dribbles. When our host pours the tea, she doesn’t have to worry about the extra tea drops that come out in the end.

It also attaches to the handle and over the top of the teapot. So in addition to catching dribbles it also holds down the teapot lid. All your fears taken care of in this simple solution.

With a quick search on the internet, these look like they can be purchased for under $10.

Tada! Now you know!

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