Montpelier Mansion Museum: Laurel, MD

Happy New Year Everyone! My hope for 2022 is to do a series called “Travel to Tea” throughout the year. The goal is to find a “new to me” tea room/ tea experience/ afternoon tea/ tea house to enjoy. Once a month I will dazzle you with a new place for you to enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰ I cheated a little with this one though…I was so excited with the idea that I started in December.

Historic Dining Room in Montpelier Mansion

Today’s “Travel to Tea” happens in Montpelier Mansion Museum in Laurel, Maryland USA. This museum is focused on the education of its use as a home built in the 1780s and as a plantation for agriculture and iron production.

Building seen as you drive up. Historic Mansion photo is on the top of this Rory Tea & Me website post.

With that being said, hosting tea is considered an event for the museum. Specifically, this event is called “Holiday Tea”. It’s very popular, so the event sells out months in advance. With taxes, the cost is under $33 per person.

My friends and I settle in for what seems to be a very good tea experience. We are “dining” in a 1780s Mansion; which is attached to a section of the house we toured after tea. The atmosphere was charming. Everyone enjoyed the food. Throughout the event, two flavors of tea (from Eastern Shore Tea Company) were constantly being poured for us.

I was really excited to see they left us a gift of 4 teas to try in the convince of our home!

Our Afternoon Tea tier had biscuit like scones on top. And! they provided lemon curd, clotted creme and jam. Winning! The middle had savory sandwiches of a cranberry chicken salad, ham, and a pimento sandwich. Finally the bottom was a very rich chocolate brownie, m&m cheesecake square, a delightful cupcake and a refreshing peppermint cake.

We really enjoyed the tea, food and experience. However. Right when we finished eating all our food, an employee interrupted to tell all the guests that they just recieved word that one of the employees tested positive for Covid-19. They will be closing the Museum and tea events down for the next 2 weeks.

Welp…too late now. We were happy we got to enjoy this tea event, because all the remaining tea events for the year are canceled. From our deductions, the only person missing when we left was a host who walked us to our table. All the employees were in their masks and wearing gloves. We all turned out to be fine.

Even with the bad news at the end, this turned out to be a great Tea-venture ๐Ÿ˜Š

4 thoughts on “Montpelier Mansion Museum: Laurel, MD

  1. Wow, this sounds amazing! can’t wait to follow you on your tea adventure. Those sammies and treats look so yum ๐Ÿ˜€ What was your favorite tea from this outing?

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    1. I should have written that in there! Whoops! It was the Montpelier Tea, mixed specific for this event by Eastern Shore Tea Company. It was a black tea that had an almond and coconut flavor.

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      1. Ugh yummmm! Looks like fun getting out to have tea in a historic place, any odd history nugget about the place or grounds you can tell us?

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  2. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to really explore the grounds. We were kind of pushed out once they warned us of the employee who tested positive for covid. We did quickly look around the first floor of the historic Mansion. A few rooms were set up in the 19th century fashion. But it was really nice that they had an art display up in different rooms to highlight current culture in the area.


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