What is a tea fog?

Happy snow day to us! We are so excited to go out and play in the snow! Stay safe if you have to be out there!

About 8 years back I was introduced to the world of Starbucks. I walked into the store with a few coworkers and was completely lost. What’s tall mean? Espresso? Latte? Double pumps? Etc?

Well, I’ve learned a lot since then and continue to learn.

Today’s focus is fogs. Fogs are similar to lattes. They both have frothy, warmed up milk. However, fogs have frothy milk and vanilla (usually syrup) added to the tea. The most famous fog tea is the London Fog. It consists of Earl Grey tea with frothy milk and vanilla syrup or flavoring. Also well known is the Dublin Fog that substitutes Earl Grey with Irish Breakfast tea.

Companies such as Harney & Sons put a spin on their London Fogs by adding lavender. Regardless, they really are rather good.

I hope you had a wonderful (snow) day!

1 thought on “What is a tea fog?

  1. My favorite fog is one made with a “milk frother” once you do that it’s very hard to have anything else lol

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