Kauai, Hawaii: Lightwave Pottery

Aloha! I am just getting back from a mini vacation to Kauai, Hawaii USA! You’ll probably see many posts about my visit over the coming days. I wanted to start by talking about Lightwave Pottery by Dean McRaine.

About a year ago, I saw a Facebook post showing pieces from Lightwave Pottery. I instantly fell in love! I began following Dean McRaine on Instagram and saw that he occasionally sells his pieces live, but they are sold out within seconds. It wasn’t until I booked my vacation that I realized he lives on Kauai and has a store not far from the area I stayed!

I’ve never seen a technique like this before. Dean’s assistant took time out to show us his work in progress and a finished slab. We spoke to him for a little while as well. Very pleasant experience. He makes strips of colorful clay and slowly creates a design that turns into a square slab.

I believe I heard him tell another customer that it can take him 6 months to create each slab, but I could of misheard. To finish making his pieces, they cut off sections from the slab and roll it down to make sure there are no air pockets that could cause a break in the kiln.

The result is phenomenal! I’ve never seen such colorful pottery. Especially pottery that does not use glaze to get the color or designs onto the piece.

Of course I brought home a few pieces for myself and a couple as gifts!

It was so hard to choose which pieces to purchase because they were all amazing!

I almost feel like this cat was there for emotional support to help me calm the excitement down a notch and focus 😅 In the end, I’m very happy with my experience there and the pieces I chose.


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