Kauai, Hawaii: Lava Lava Beach Club, Dinner

Nestled along Papaloa Road in Kapa’a, Kauai is the Lava Lava Beach Club restaurant. Seating is first come first serve. It is Kauai’s only restaurant you can go to while putting your toes in the sand during your meal.

Somehow we managed to get a front row table to the ocean. The view was gorgeous and we happened to be there when the sun was setting.

Once settled in, we ordered Poke Nachos. This consists of Spicy Ahi Poke, crispy wonton chips, local tomato, sweet onion, avocado, and unagi drizzle. I managed to eat a few chips with the unagi drizzle and oh my goodness was it delicious!

Our meal came out and I couldn’t help but notice it was followed by a cloud of smoke. Welp! My sister ordered the Sizzling Shrimp and man was it sizzling! This hot smoking dish was filled with shrimp, garlic, butter and herbs with garlic bread.

When my food came to me, I was highly confused as to how I was supposed to eat it! I ordered the Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice Bowl with added teriyaki steak. Under the meat, in the photo below, is jasmine rice, edamame, carrots, garlic, ginger and egg. It was amazing! Add the Sandy Toes cocktail and you have a happy, content young lady.

At one point my sister says, “Wow! Look at the moon! I’ve never seen it look that beautiful!” She was certainly right! I had issues capturing a photo, but it was an added bonus to our spectacular night.

So if you’re ever in Kauai, I’d highly recommend a meal at Lava Lava Beach Club. Take your shoes off and relax at this peaceful and stunning location.


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