Kauai, Hawaii: Fern Grotto

Have you ever watched Elvis Presley’s 1961 film “Blue Hawaii”? Admittedly I’ve only watched it a few times many years ago and don’t remember it too well. But the word on the street is there’s a famous scene taken in front of Fern Grotto.

As I get ready to hop on a boat with the ladies, I’m wondering “what the heck is a grotto?” I got the fern part. The green plants. So, The Google filled me in on the rest. Grotto is a small cave or recession in nature. Put the two words together and you’ve got “Fern Grotto”, which is a fern covered, lava rock grotto located on the south fork of the Wailua River in Kauai.

Our captain and his first mate got us set up to leave the docks on our very short boat ride to Fern Grotto. This could also be done as a kayaking trip. The distance isn’t terribly long and it would be a good workout for intermediate kayakers.

As for us, we decided a beautiful and relaxing boat ride was the best way to get there. The scenery was great and the water was calm, since it had not been raining too much recently.

When we arrived to Fern Grotto, we were let off the boat. There was a paved walkway that had beautiful plants and trees in all directions.

But the best view of all was arriving to the Fern Grotto. I’ve never seen anything like it. Beautiful ferns, trees and flowering plants growing everywhere. I particularly loved the hanging ferns, which really does make it look like a lovely scene for a wedding.

I threw this photo in to prove I am taller than my sister 😂 (I mean, look how great we lined up in this photo!) and to see that Fern Grotto is more beautiful the closer you get.

Nearby, there is a stream that you shouldn’t get too close to. There are barriers attempting to deter you from leaving the paved pathway. But it seems a lot of people are taking the “You do you, boo” approach.

After our quick visit to Fern Grotto, two of us left the group to go on another adventure to the Secret Waterfall. All the excitement to come in my next post.


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