Kauai, Hawaii: Hanapepe

Do you enjoy bookstores? How about local artwork? Or handmade jewelry? Oh wait, are you a huge fan of Disney’s Lilo and Stitch? Then let me introduce you to Hanapepe; Hawaii’s Biggest Little Town.

Disney trading Pin bought in a Hanapepe store

Hanapepe in Kauai, Hawaii was the inspiration for Kokaua, which is the fictional hometown of the main characters in Disney’s Lilo & Stitch. I enjoyed walking down this inspirational street, seeing some Lilo and Stitch murals, and recognizing scenes from the movie.

Koa wood puzzle box

So many treasures were found on this charming one street shopping town. I spent a lot of money on myself and as gifts for loved ones. What I liked most was the majority of the stores you walked in to, the merchandise was made in Kauai.

Koa wood pendant

I did leave behind some really good artwork . I particularly loved Amy Lauren’s Art Gallery at the end of the street. There’s a great variety of local artwork. Sometimes I wish I had unlimited money to support all the local artists, but my pockets are limited and I left beauty on the wall.

Miguel A. Duran pieces sold at Amy Lauren’s Art Gallery

So, if you enjoy shopping local and visiting places of inspiration, Hanapepe is your stop! The only “heads up” I’ll give you is to research store hours in advance. A couple of stores were closed the day we went. Unfortunately, a couple were effected by COVID too.

Mahalo and happy shopping!

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