Kauai, Hawaii: Poipu Arch

On our first day of vacation, we viewed a beautiful sunset at a place the locals call Poipu Arch; also known as Makahu’ena Arch.

Makahu’ena Arch is a natural Lava Arch along the Poipu Coast. This is quite a hidden gem. There’s not much information out there about this particular Arch and it seems like you have to know the area to be able to get to it.

One second time lapse video of water activity under the Arch.

Here’s the directions I received from a local explaining how to get there: “Poipu Arch is by Poipu Makai & Poipu Palms apartment buildings. Taking the road along the ocean, head towards the Poipu Palms & Poipu Makai apartment. Once you pass those buildings turn right, towards the ocean (you’ll see a road with a big green lawn area). There’s a tiny parking lot; about one row of 7 parking spots. Park. Follow the path towards the ocean. The path will keep going along the ocean OR you can see a tiny path that goes through grass to go down on the rocks…..take that tiny path! It will take you down to the arch. We usually wear flips flops, but tennis shoes would be best.”

We followed the directions and walked towards the ocean. It wasn’t until we walked down the rock path that we were able to see the Arch….and the breath taking sunset.

Mahalo and I hope you are able to see beautiful sunsets wherever you are.

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