Kauai, Hawaii: Lu’au Kalamaku

Mahalo for joining in on my Kauai, Hawaii vacation series! I had a wonderful trip and ended it with a luau of course!

Music greeted us at the entrance

We chose to go to the Lu’au Kalamaku, mainly because it was close to where we stayed. It’s located at the Historic Kilohana Plantation, where there is the opportunity to ride in the Kauai Plantation Railway with separate tickets.

Rainbow Wave Art: kiln fired glass earrings

Before the luau began, a local artist craft fair was set up behind the luau tent. We happily browsed the different tables and maybe left with more than we intended to buy.

After browsing the craft fair, we took advantage of the open bar. Beers, Mai Tai’s and the, oh so delicious, Blue Hawaii cocktails. At the same time, guests joined staff in a hula lesson. I may need to attend more lessons…

After a while, we heard the conch shell. This began the Imu Ceremony.

While the traditional blessing of food was occurring on stage, we watched the unearthing of the roasted pig around the imu pit.

This lead to our delicious meal, featuring local Hawaiian specialties and desserts.

Once dinner was over, last calls for the open bar were announced. I may of suddenly had 2 or 3 Blue Hawaiians lined up in front of me at my table…

And with that the luau began with the very talented hula dancers!

The luau was performed around the story of a father leaving his daughter to find new land. It outlines how ancient people journeyed across the ocean. A ceremony occurs to ensure a safe return. Through dances of seduction and determination, the men are off and on their voyage. Kauai is found, harvesting happens and the daughter is sent for. In the end, the daughter arrives and celebrates a wedding and birth with her love.

However, none of the story line matters once you get to the traditional fire knife dancer. This man was smoking! He was awesome! Perfect way to end a great luau and vacation to Kauai, Hawaii.

Bottom line, I highly suggest you visit Kauai and make some memories of your own!

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness. We were there at the same time!!!

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