Belle Grove Plantation: King George, VA

Gorgeous view from the back door

Continuing my New Years resolution of trying new tea rooms, I booked a tea date with my husband for Valentine’s for this month’s “Travel to Tea”. We don’t normally celebrate this “holiday”. But I’ll celebrate anything for tea 😉

Belle Grove Mansion’s Entranceway

Belle Grove Plantation in King George, Virginia USA was established in 1670 with the Mansion built in 1791. This was the birthplace of President James Madison. It is currently a Bed and Breakfast that has a twice daily tea.

Parlor Seating

I learned that children under 5 are not invited to tea at Belle Grove Plantation. So we shipped the little one off to the grandparents and enjoyed our tea date. The price is $35 per person before tax and gratuity. When booking the reservation they let you note any dietary restrictions, so they can accommodate those changes in advance. Once there, it will be difficult for them to make any changes to your food.

The February food theme was chocolate. Every single food item had chocolate, which became too much for us. The best food was the chocolate covered strawberries. But there was a complete bust for a sandwich. The croissant was creme cheese (with something I forgot), chocolate chips and pomegranate seeds. The pomegranate just did not work well at all. Actually, the baked goods tasted like they were cooked a day or two in advance and were not fresh. I totally can understand that running a bed and breakfast and tea service on limited staff would make you prepare food in advance. So that’s why we’ve decided we will come back in the future to give it another try.

The atmosphere was absolutely amazing. Also, both of our teas from Terri’s Teas, LLC was fantastic. Mine was Mrs. Hooker’s Lemonade Lavender green tea. My husband had Love Potion #22 which tasted like chocolate covered strawberries. Both very good, which I attribute to the fact that they perfectly steeped and removed our loose leaf teas.

Side fact, she won Mel Gibson’s outfit from “The Patriot” at an auction and has it on display.

We had a great tea-venture and it even ended with a super awesome headband that my husband can’t take his eyes off of… 😂 Until next time folks!

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