Orange Peel Honey Tea

A Friend recently sent me an Instagram video on steeping tea using an orange peel. I was intrigued, so of course I tried it out!

Step 1: Get an orange. No not a little flimsy walled itty bitty orange. I mean an orange that has some stout walls.

Step 2: Cut the top off and remove the fruit. Step 2.5: Eat the yummy fruit.

Step 3: Poke some holes on the bottom to act as a strainer. But maybe make them a wee wider then this photo or you’ll be waiting an hour until the tea comes through.

Step 4: Get some honey. In this case I have Rare Hawaiian honey bought in Kauai, Hawaii.

Step 5: Add that delicious sweet honey into your orange peel to your desired amount.

Step 6: Add black or green loose leaf tea. A spoonful, no more than 2, will be just fine.

Step 7: Pour that boiling hot water in there and let the steeping begin!

Step 8: Enjoy!

Result: Outside of the fact that I used too many tea spoons of loose leaf tea, this was quite delicious! The honey and orange flavor with the green tea I used was amazing! Sweet and fruity created a fantastic flavor. It may be too much work for a small mug of tea, so it’s not feasible for parties. But if you want to spoil yourself, this is a totally unique way to enjoy tea.

Happy tea-ventures!

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  1. Good one Erica.

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