Historic Rosemont Manor: Berryville, VA

Hello Everyone! For March’s “Travel to Tea” adventure, a coworker suggested going to Afternoon tea at the Historic Rosemont Manor in Berryville, Virginia USA.

View from back porch of the Manor where wedding ceremonies are held

She said it’s one of the most delicious Afternoon Teas she has gone to, in terms of food. This is mainly because their Manor is known for catering and hosting wedding events. In fact, the Afternoon Teas are only scheduled for dates the Manor does not have an event taking place. So, it’s possible they could have more Afternoon Tea events in the winter and less during wedding season.

Carriage House which holds smaller wedding receptions

Tea reservations are easy to make. Just call to reserve for the date and number of people attending. They will ask if there are any dietary restrictions. You will need to tell them your credit card number and they will charge it two days in advance. So you need to cancel before then, if necessary. Afternoon Tea is $55 per person. A bit on the pricier side but it does already include tax and gratuity.

On the day of Afternoon Tea, guests arrive a half hour before tea begins to learn about the history of the Manor. Which is actually full of excitement, starting with the American Civil War and filled with Presidents who have visited. Also a bonus! They provided warm apple cider tea in a champagne glass during the presentation. After tea, we were able explore the Manor on our own.

One of the larger guest rooms, on the side of the Manor that’s over 200 years old

Now to the best part, Afternoon Tea!

I really enjoy how the Historic Rosemont Manor presented our meal. There are 3 courses with 3 different types of tea. Each course was brought out fresh from the kitchen and paired with a tea. The first course was our savory sandwiches and personal pot pies paired with “The Byrd Blend”. Which is a Darjeeling and cream Earl Grey tea with rose petals, and cornflower blossoms.

Chicken pot pie, Cucumber and dill, and ham, apple and havarti sandwiches

The second course was delicious, warm out of the oven, scones. There was a cheddar chive and bacon scone that tasted amazing on its own. Also a creme fraiche scone; extra delicious with creme and jam. This was paired with the “Rosemont Blend Tea”, which was our favorite with sencha green tea, strawberry, papaya and rose petals.

One scone was made special for me so it didn’t have almonds

Last up was our desserts. Coming on top, as my favorite, was the Boston Creme tartlet. On the bottom was a strawberry mousse and cinnamon sugar palmier. Enjoyed with this was a Lemon Souffle Rooibos tea with honeybush and lemon creme flavor.

Out of all the Afternoon Teas I’ve gone to recently, I have to say this is on the top of my list. The atmosphere was perfect and I enjoyed all the food and teas we were given. So, I highly recommend an Afternoon Tea at the Historic Rosemont Manor.

Even better was seeing these two ladies for the first time in 15-20 years! It was so lovely catching up. And! It was because we found out we all have a love for tea! Until next time Everyone ❤

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