Strawberry Picking and Fresh Strawberry Tea

Hello Everyone! It feels like I haven’t written to you in so long! A year ago we moved into our new house but missed the chance of planting because we were painting and unpacking during the spring and summer.

9 new rose bushes planted

This year we have gone into overdrive. Thanks to our parents, we’ve transplanted so many different types of pariennials and bought just a few of our own.

Weeping cherry tree

We’ve been working on planting different berries and getting our vegetable garden in. Which we hopefully get to enjoy food from soon.

All in all, we’ve planted well over 100 plants this year. Busy! Busy! Busy!

Today was such a beautiful day that I decided to take the little man to his first strawberry patch at Shlagel Farms in Waldorf, MD.

By the end of this experience, he stopped picking the green ones and finally got the ripe red strawberries.

One thing I decided to do with these fresh picked strawberries is make tea with them.

First I brewed some of my best plain black tea with 2 cuttings of mint from my herb garden. Then I crushed up 3 of the more ripe strawberries (you can use more mint and strawberries if you want a stronger flavor).

I put the strawberry juice into the tea and began enjoying!

So fresh and delicious! You can’t beat a tea with goodies added that were picked the same day. Yummy!

Have a great day ya’ll!

1 thought on “Strawberry Picking and Fresh Strawberry Tea

  1. Wonderful! …strawberry tea idea …weather …field trip idea …photos ,,,Grady’s joyful smile!

    Thanks, Erica. Jim



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