Compass Tea: Luray, VA

I know you were worried that I would miss my May “Travel to Tea”, but I squeezed it in just in the nick of time!

Today’s new tea place is Compass Tea in Luray, VA. This is located in downtown Luray and has a public parking lot around the block.

It has recently gone through a makeover, which i think has produced a cozy purple room for the main tea area. Before going, I Facebook messaged the owner to ask if it’s a sit down afternoon tea or a walk in. She said, “We are a Tea Shop, no longer a Tea Room. You can come in anytime for tea, matcha latte, fruity bursting bubble tea.
We offer a few nibbles; No sandwiches.
The shop once was a Tea Room, however, things changed due to the pandemic.”

When making our selections we asked about her favorite tea and best tea. My hubby got the Compass Tea Signature tea called Cloud Forest Rainbow white tea which is mixed with rosehip, hibiscus, rose petals, safflower and more. I liked the flavor enough to buy it. But it was interesting. The flavor tasted different when it’s hot vs. cooler and if you’re drinking it straight vs. with food.

Even though i didn’t drink her favorite tea, my conversation with the owner made me realize she knew her tea. First flush tea vs. second, different regions teas are grown, and a whole lot more. I decided to get a silver needle white tea called Silver Moonlight Wild White and chocolate chip cookie. The tea was good and left a floral finish on the palette, but the cookie seemed like it was not homemade.

She also sells tie dye clothing and makes her own jewelry, which you can see a photo of at the top of this post.

We also bonded by talking about plants and how she can care for them in her shop. Overall, this was a lovely quick visit for a great variety of tea.

Mural near the parking lot

2 thoughts on “Compass Tea: Luray, VA

  1. Okay. I have to admit I first clicked on the post because I used to work for an airline called Compass Airlines but I appreciate your post and I love reading about other companies. If you are ever up in MN let me know!

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    1. That is so fun! I’ll keep that in mind! No plans for MN yet, but hopefully at some point!


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