Old Hill Cidery: Timberville,VA

Warning: this is not a tea post

What do you get from an apple orchard in the middle of beautiful Virginia? Why cider of course!

Nestled in the rolling hills of Timberville, VA is Old Hill Cidery. For $5 each you can choose 5 hard ciders to taste test.

They are generous about the amount of cider they put in, so $5 to taste 5 ciders really is a great value.

We ended up buying cans of Wassail cider to enjoy later in the year (specifically around Christmas because the flavor has a beautiful spicy finish). We also bought a growler of “Off the Press”…. drank it on our Hobbit getaway and went back to refill it to enjoy at home.

The hosts at Old Hill Cidery are wonderful and there’s plenty of additional goodies to buy. We specifically bought many frozen pork options from pigs raised on the farm.

Another great part of the visit was seeing the beautiful scenery and petting a few of their friendly dogs.

So if you’re in the Timberville area of Virginia, I highly recommend going to this Cidery. Everything we tasted was amazing and if you have time to sit and enjoy the view, you will be more relaxed once you leave.

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