Tea with Martha Washington: Mount Vernon Estate, VA

Hello Everyone! This was originally supposed to be my January “Travel to Tea” post. But mother nature took control with a snow storm and the earliest date we could reschedule for was August. But the wait was worth it!

Room used for Tea at Mount Vernon Restaurant

We went to George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate in Mount Vernon, Virginia USA. This is the historic home of President George Washington… and I had tea with his “wife”! The price was $40 per person and they host “Tea with Martha Washington” about 8 times a year.

Martha Washington inviting us in for tea

This was a fun different Afternoon Tea experience. Almost like we took a step back in history. “Martha” talked about her life before meeting Mr. Washington and life being married to him for about 30 minutes while we ate. Very interesting information she shared. Most notably she mentioned she never named a stray cat after Alexander Hamilton, even though I think one of the songs in the Broadway musical “Hamilton” says she did.

Making tea using her tea chest

Even more interesting was eating food of the time period. The tea was Young Hyson Green Tea, which was assumed to be the Washington’s favorite since it was bought most. It also happens to be one thrown into the Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party.

The food fit on each person’s plate and were recipes used during the Washington’s time at Mount Vernon.

Included on our plates were sweet potato biscuits with ham. This was excellent! Next is raspberry and strawberry preserves which I used on my rice pancake with orange slice. Then you’ll see the stewed peas and lettuce that I most definitely need to learn the recipe for because it was delicious! The General’s favorite French olives were very fresh and tasty. There were also Martha’s candied ginger and orange peel with other dried fruits. Coming at the end was a very good tasting Cherry tart. Sweet, but made me want extras.

The event ended after an hour, which only gave about 30 minutes to talk to the person you were with on your tea date. But, in our menus was a ticket to tour Mount Vernon Estate until closing. So that was a fun perk. Nice Tea-venture says I. Enjoy your day and I hope you have a great Tea-venture soon.

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