Maryland Renaissance Festival: Annapolis, MD

Hear Ye Hear Ye: The King requests the audience of all the Lord’s and Ladies of the realm to the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

My husband and I braved the crowded street of Crownsville with our two year old son.

We were able to see falconry…

Ride Ponies and eat a lot of food. I think my favorites were the cheese and broccoli soup in a bread bowl, brownie sundae and apple tart.

My son particularly liked the knights and jousting tournament. Where phrases like “Let this be the hour when we draw swords together” could have been said. We actually saw two shows which the main attraction was the horses.

Also, The Rouges (Celtic Music band) was mine and my son’s absolute favorite performance to attend. He had us go see them a few times.

Overall, it was a pretty awesome day with great entertainment, enticing shopping and delicious food.

But…we had a two year old that was in the heat and sun and did not have a nap. So we began asking ourselves “How did it come to this?” And asked him, “What would you have me do?”

We decided to get something refreshing for everyone and ended up at Queen’s Orchard Fruit Treats. While my kid was unhappy in line, I thought to myself, “I would see you smile again.”

My husband got a fresh squeezed limeade, which we learned you need to ask for sweetened. My son got a peach and blueberry sparkling water. I got a Peach Ice Tea. This tea was brewed tea with a peach syrup and I will admit it was way too sweet. Next time I’ll have to try the Chai tea they had.

It was a grand time overall. We heard some traveling Renaissance enthusiasts comment that the Maryland Renaissance Festival is the best they’ve ever been too. Perhaps that’s why tickets are frequently sold out. So if you decide to go, purchase your tickets online in advance. They no longer allow you to purchase them at the gate.

This concludes my September “Travel to Tea” in distance and centuries. Fare thee well; I must away.

2 thoughts on “Maryland Renaissance Festival: Annapolis, MD

  1. Did they have any tea vendors? I’ve thought about setting up a stand at our local ren fest.

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    1. I tried pretty hard to find tea and the best I could do was this juice building that had 2 tea options. The Maryland Renn Fest had a lot of beer vendors and places with soda. I would love seeing a tea shop there, especially if it is loose leaf for sale. You can only try 😊


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