Rory, Tea & Me: Next Step

Hello all you wonderful readers! I am excited to tell you I’ve finally embarked on a new Rory, Tea & Me dream; I’m blending my own teas!

Official Rory, Tea & Me logo created by my sister

I’ve been interested in blending my own teas since I began blogging three years ago, but only within the past month have I taken steps to make this a reality.

I’ve set up a Rory, Tea & Me Facebook page where I’m currently asking volunteers to test new blends.

I rely on my taste testers feedback in order to learn if I have blended flavors correctly, if a flavor needs to be boosted, or if the blend is terrible and I shouldn’t go that route.

In some cases, my taste testers have helped me create an additional flavor with a little bit of ingredient tweaking.

Still figuring out my packaging and labeling

Unfortunately, once I begin selling my teas I can only sell in the state of Maryland, USA under the MD Cottage Food laws. But it’s a good starting point for a new and hopefully growing business.

So cheers to the next steps! My first vendor experience will be on October 22, 2022 in Southern Maryland. Here’s to a new Rory, Tea & Me experience.

4 thoughts on “Rory, Tea & Me: Next Step

  1. Good luck!!! Have you done any tea school or anything else? If you need wholesalers or places to source let me know.

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    1. Thanks! I’ve completed the International Tea Academy and classes in the UK Tea Academy. There’s other small education I’ve done here and there as well. I’m mainly having issues finding dried fruits to use for blending. So I’m happy to get suggestions!


      1. That’s awesome! I am working on completing it through World Tea Academy. For the dried fruit is it mainly a pricing issue or product or both? Maybe something else entirely ^^;

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      2. I’ve been trying to buy organic ingredients and dried fruits are double the prices of any other Ingredients I’ve purchased. I think I want to see if I am selling well before I purchase the more expensive Ingredients.

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